HOW TO MAKE A GOURD FLAMINGO -- by Gerry Flewharty


  • 1 clean penguin gourd with stem
  • 1 large nail or Exacto knife
  • 2 dowels, 5/8" in diameter, approximately 24" long
  • Acrylic paint: coral pink, white, black & orange
  • Pencil
  • Wood, super glue or stick glue w/gun
  • Polyurethane or varnish

    1. Mark 2 dots with a pencil on bottom of gourd (body of flamingo) for legs
    2. Carefully cut holes for legs on opposite sides to balance flamingo body using Exacto knife or nail (have adult supervise)
    3. Balance and glue dowels (legs) in place
    4. Paint body pink
    5. Paints legs black
    6. Paint bill (stem of gourd) orange with black on tip end
    7. Paint eyes (on opposite sides of gourd near bill) white with black dot in center
    8. Brush or spray on polyurethane or varnish to seal
    9. Place in flower bed or yard