Submit gourd art tutorials for American Gourd Society Publication

The American Gourd Society is gathering a library of gourd art tutorials, and your help is needed. We need holiday tutorials, seasonal tutorials, and any variety of techniques you feel other gourd artists would be interested in learning. Not all tutorials will be used in the next edition of "The Gourd Magazine," but will be held in our library for future use.

Please note: Submit only your original tutorials and avoid the use of any copyright images such as Disney characters, team logos in your art.

When writing your tutorials, please include a list of materials and tools needed, and numbered step by step paragraphs. High quality photos are a must. Please include one photo of the finished project, and a few step by step photos.

The American Gourd Society has adopted an easy way to receive files and photos that is easy for you to use. The link changes once a year, so check back here when you have a tutorial to share. The current link is as follows.

Where to send:

ShareFile will send the magazine staff an email that you have placed a file in our FileBox, but we would like to also receive an email from you so that we can follow-up with you if I donít see the file or have a question. eMail Terry Noxel at

This is your opportunity to be published in a magazine that is shipped around the country. Be proud, show off your work, and share your techniques with other artists.